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The Chinese have a book called the I Ching: The Book of Changes.

Change is life; we merely have to understand and accept the nature of change. As Bruce Lee famously said “Be as water, my friend”. Because, formless and shapeless, water deals with change largely by becoming it, not resisting it.

At Blackbelt Fitness, over the past four years, we’ve undergone our fair share of change, and now we’re embarking on a completely new journey. We hope you will stay with us – as we promise to stay with you in our new shape and form.

Do stay in touch for new updates over the next two months.


Positively good.

July 31, 2012 — Leave a comment

If you want good to happen in your life, the best way is to open the doors for it by thinking positive.

About a couple of weeks back, I was looking at buying a WordPress theme for our website.

No problem. Checked out at the shopping cart of the company, 8Bit.

Ran into Paypal. Spent a frustrating few days trying to set up a Paypal account. Realised the Reserve Bank of India and Paypal are madly in love with each other, and in their love-hate relationship, suckers trying to do a simple transaction ($99 only!) get chewed.

Wrote a simple email to the chaps at 8Bit, telling them my problem.

Guess what? They sent me a link to download the software – saying, in effect, use it – and pay when able. For all they knew, I’d never pay up.

But with that simple action, a few things happened:

a) They made a fan of me for life. They did not know me from Adam – but they put their trust in me.

b) It ensured that I paid up – my conscience simply wouldn’t let me rest till I did.

c) They set a standard for service – how many companies would do that? I got a response the same day – along with the keys to the product! Most companies don’t bother responding – Paypal sent me an automated response which didn’t solve my problem – two days later!

d) I’m deleting my Paypal account. But I’m writing – and posting about my great experience with 8Bit across all the forums I’m on.

I solved the problem by getting a friend to buy the software for me. And I enjoy using the 8Bit theme.

If all of us were to consciously do just one thing good each day; to put trust in another, and to repay that trust, how much better would our world be?


You can visit a martial arts class and come away having learnt nothing more than a few exercises or movements.

On the other hand, you can actually go to a martial arts class.

Then you start learning, right from the moment you enter.

You learn respect. Humility. Dedication. And so much more – about yourself.

You come to class early, and wait for the master. Not land up late and make excuses.

You do this because you respect the person you are coming to learn from. You do this because you want to learn. And when you do this, you learn to park your ego: not at the door, but much before it.

It is the beginning of filling yourself with real, solid substance and getting rid of bombast and empty bullshit.

When you attend a class, it is about going deep within yourself to understand what it is that you want, and what you’re made of. Are you in class simply as a fad? In which case, you’ll drop out, and soon. Are you there simply because you want to do something, and this seems like it, but you’re not sure? Same result.

But if you’re there because you want to learn – then you’ll stay.

You’ll be tired, but you won’t use that as an excuse to bunk. You wouldn’t have slept, but you’ll come there all the same. You may feel down, but you’ll not stay away.

And before you know it, you’ll have found, deep within you, two very precious things that will be of value throughout your life.

Commitment. Dedication.

An unwavering willingness to stick to a path, no matter what comes. You’ll be able to take the good with the bad, the horrid days when nothing goes right, the times when every thing you touch simply falls apart – and you’ll come through stronger.

You’ll come through shining. And you’ll come through being what you really need to be at the end of life:

A better you.