Positively good.

July 31, 2012 — Leave a comment

If you want good to happen in your life, the best way is to open the doors for it by thinking positive.

About a couple of weeks back, I was looking at buying a WordPress theme for our website.

No problem. Checked out at the shopping cart of the company, 8Bit.

Ran into Paypal. Spent a frustrating few days trying to set up a Paypal account. Realised the Reserve Bank of India and Paypal are madly in love with each other, and in their love-hate relationship, suckers trying to do a simple transaction ($99 only!) get chewed.

Wrote a simple email to the chaps at 8Bit, telling them my problem.

Guess what? They sent me a link to download the software – saying, in effect, use it – and pay when able. For all they knew, I’d never pay up.

But with that simple action, a few things happened:

a) They made a fan of me for life. They did not know me from Adam – but they put their trust in me.

b) It ensured that I paid up – my conscience simply wouldn’t let me rest till I did.

c) They set a standard for service – how many companies would do that? I got a response the same day – along with the keys to the product! Most companies don’t bother responding – Paypal sent me an automated response which didn’t solve my problem – two days later!

d) I’m deleting my Paypal account. But I’m writing – and posting about my great experience with 8Bit across all the forums I’m on.

I solved the problem by getting a friend to buy the software for me. And I enjoy using the 8Bit theme.

If all of us were to consciously do just one thing good each day; to put trust in another, and to repay that trust, how much better would our world be?


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